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Your frankfurters look good enough to eat straight from the pack – are they?

HERTA® Frankfurters are cooked but they should be re-heated thoroughly before eating. They’re very easy to prepare – you'll find simple cooking guidelines on each and every packet. And if you’re looking for some mouth-watering recipes here's some we prepared earlier... 

Can HERTA® Frankfurters be frozen?

Yes, absolutely. Use what you need and freeze the rest for another day. Freezing instructions can be found on every pack.

Are HERTA® Frankfurters suitable for a gluten-free diet?


Are HERTA® Frankfurters nut-free?


What’s the best way to prepare them?

We think they taste best when fried or oven-baked, but they’re also great on a barbecue and can be simmered or grilled in minutes. Our pork frankfurters can be cooked in a microwave too (but we don’t recommend this for our chicken frankfurters).

Are there any other ways to use them?

HERTA® Frankfurters are not only great in hot dogs, they can be chopped up and used to make many other delicious meals such as casseroles, stir fries, pastas and stews – if Frank Furter had a middle name it would be ‘Versatility’. 

Where can I buy HERTA® Frankfurters?

HERTA® Frankfurters are available in supermarkets around the UK and on the major online grocery websites. You’ll also find them in selected retailers in the Republic of Ireland. And if you’re on holiday in Belgium, Germany or France, don’t worry, you can still buy the frankfurters you know and love there too – just look out for the HERTA® Knacki brand.

Where are HERTA® Frankfurters made?

All of our frankfurters are made in France, c'est magnifique.

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