Movie Night

Blockbusting movie night tips

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    Make the room nice and dark, just like at the flicks. Why not go one better and introduce pillows and blankets to the mix. Super comfy.

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    Make your movie night old school by showing your movie-goers to their seats – you could use a special movie night torch too, maybe a job for one of the kids? 

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    Don’t skip the trailers, especially if the children are watching. It builds up the excitement and is a good time for a natter before the big event starts – you might even get some ideas for next week’s viewing extravaganza!

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    Like popcorn, hot dogs and movies go hand in hand. And whether you like the classic hot dog or a spicy chilli dog, we’ve got some mouth-watering tips for you to try.

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    So you only worry about the movie’s bad guys and not your sofa, you could throw some sheets over the furniture. Or create your very own movie night sofa covers to make the night ever more special. 

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